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2007 Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association Driver of the Month
Monday, February 18, 2008
Tim Karow is one of those special people.Tim is an owner/operator that is leased to Klemm Tank Lines out of the Milwaukee terminal. Tim is credited with the quick and appropriate action on August 9,2006 at an accident where a motorcyclist was thrown from his bike going 60mph. Utilizing his training at the Fox Valley Technical Decision Driving Course, he was able to avoid hitting the cyclist and then assisting at the accident scene. In his spare time he enjoys camping, hunting, motorcycles, electronics, and "anything that is loud and shiny". He and his wife, Heather,have one daughter and live in Fon du lac.

Craig Schmid 2008 Wisconsin Road Team
Monday, February 18, 2008
Klemm Tank Lines is proud to announce that Craig Schmid has been elected to be part of the 2008 Wisconsin Motor Carriers Road Team. The Wisconsin Road Team consists of safety-conscious and articulate truck drivers who appear as spokespersons for the industry throughout the State of Wisconsin. These individuals serve as ambassadors for the trucking industry at trucking events, driver education classes, civic groups or any other forum where the industry has an opportunity to tell it's story about highway safety and the importance of trucking to the Wisconsin economy.

Klemm participates in WIsconsin's Highway Watch Program
Klemm Tank Lines and their associates in cooperation with the Wisconsin State Patrol, Wisconsin Motor Carriers Association, have made the leap from the front seat of their 18-wheelers to the classroom receiving special Highway Watch safety and anti-terrorism security training. These lessons will enable them to observe and report national security and highway safety threats to proper authorities in Wisconsin.

Klemm currently has over 100 employees that have volunteered and donated their time to be a part of this excellent program.


Klemm Tank Lines Safety Managment Team
Monday, February 18, 2008
  • Lee Thyes-GreenBay,WI lthyes@klemmtanklines.com

  • Nick Kiedrowski-Milwaukee,WI nkiedrowski@klemmtanklines.com

  • Gary Holte-Rockford,IL gholte@klemmtanklines.com

  • Allen Hartman-South Chicago ahartman@klemmtanklines.com

  • Sean Olsen-Indianapolis,IN solsen@thekag.com

     ...the highest priority at our company. The safety of all personnel, our customers, and other highway users is paramount. Safety will always be an integral part of operations and the policies, procedures and programs governing our business.
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